I lose the world on a daily basis
Yesterday this colour vanished
Today this smell disappeared
And the birds have gone

I lose the world on a daily basis
The words fall from my mind
People are strangers to me
And the wind more gentle

I lose the world on a daily basis
Last year the sun has been warmer
These trees have been closer
And the moon clearer in the night
And the earth more stable

far down
tucking in the corners of earth
she has all the time in this world

dim echoes from within
this slice of space
a seed will shatter
in the core, in time

the quiet of the dead planet
echoes beneath a heartbeat
the wide swath of stars above
the obsidian sky
an array of jewels

An erasure poem of the phantastic short story „The Fifth Horseman“ by Martin Cahill (https://firesidefiction.com/the-fifth-horseman).

I roam your world

And mine for gold in your caves

I build campfires in your woods

And plant flowers on your shores

And wheat for bread

I fight monsters in the night

And tame your wolves

I walk your planes eastward

To find your sun rising

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