I roam your world

And mine for gold in your caves

I build campfires in your woods

And plant flowers on your shores

And wheat for bread

I fight monsters in the night

And tame your wolves

I walk your planes eastward

To find your sun rising


I navigate by the rustling oak tree

By the moss on the bark

The barren fields look strange to me

The stars have changed their positions

The crooked path is overgrown

Unused by my step

Yet I return victoriously

Because a victory is my returning

Changed I come into an unchanged world


Honey of inspiration
Dripping on my tongue
You take the flagstone off my mind
And hurl it
With the power of eight
Of my mind’s oxen
Your sword keeps telling stories
In my dreams
Loot from the fight
In my dreams
You teach me poems and prose
Languages unknown
And your rays
Enlighten my mind

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