To Carnonos

Horned warden,
You stand at the shores
To the otherworld
On the flowing waters
You guide the souls
To Dubnos
Bull and deer by your side
You roam the wild
To guide and protect the wild

Keeper of ways,
Take these words as offering and thanks
Guide my soul and protect my ways


Honey of inspiration
Dripping on my tongue
You take the flagstone off my mind
And hurl it
With the power of eight
Of my mind’s oxen
Your sword keeps telling stories
In my dreams
Loot from the fight
In my dreams
You teach me poems and prose
Languages unknown
And your rays
Enlighten my mind

The dark river flows even calmer
after the people have left
the rocks‘ reflection more steady
the herons‘ cries louder and more sudden
fish jump from time to time

When people leave the stream
the world is ever young, but wisely so
not burdened by thoughts and

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